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spnlost_otp's Journal

Supernatural/Lost: we ship it.
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A Supernatural/Lost crossover community. Because they are MFEO.


This is a crossover community for The CW's Supernatural and ABC's Lost. If that sentence just sent a squee up your spine, you are one of the enlightened individuals who love both shows and know how fabulously well they complement each other. Aside from the obvious — evil black smoke, the luscious Marksha Mark Pellegrino, and bountiful daddy issues — these two brilliant pieces of television have so much in common that hopelessfangirl and invisiblelove could barely fathom why there weren't a million SPN/Lost crossover communities, let alone one. When idea of this comm was met with much approval and capslocking from other SPN/Lost enthusiasts, spnlost_otp was born. Though Lost now resides in a sideways universe, this community hopes to keep the Supernatural/Lost 'SHOWTP' (that is, "show + OTP") love alive.

• This is a community for BOTH shows. Please take your haterade for either or both elsewhere.

• All are entitled to their own opinions about their fandoms. This is a drama llama-free zone.

• All posts need to somehow incorporate BOTH shows. This is a crossover community after all, and plenty of communities already exist for both individually.

• Have fun! And please feel free to introduce yourself HERE!
the fine print.


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